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Watch Any Video In Your Own Language

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  • 🔮 Voice cloning: The same voices, just speaking another language
  • 🎼 Retains timing: The AI adapts wording and speech rate to always match the original
  • 🎭 Handles word-plays and idioms: Fine-tuned on world class translations, the AI always knows how to say it in your langauge
  • 🌍 16+ output languages: Generate translations in English, Mandarin Chinese, Spanish, Arabic, French, Russian, German, Italian, Korean, Polish and Dutch
  • 👥 Multi-speaker: All voices are translated individually (great for interviews, documentaries, etc.)
  • 🤓 Subtitles included: Word-level accurate subtitles are generated automatically
  • 🦆 Ducking (optional): Replace original voices, or keep them in the background for transparency

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